Transportation & Parking

Frequently Asked Information

  • Street Closures.  Closures due to street resurfacing or construction projects are available on the Bureau of Street Services’ Roadwork in Progress page.  Closure due to special events are available on the Department of Transportation’s Traffic Info website.
  • Damaged Traffic Sign or Signal.  Call 3-1-1 to report malfunctioning, flashing, damaged, dark or knocked down signals, damaged Stop signs and knocked down sign posts.  View the service detail on Damaged Traffic Signals or Stop Signs for more information.
  • Vehicles Parked Illegally.  Vehicles blocking a driveway, next to a red zone, in violation of an ordinance or parking sign are handled by Parking Enforcement.  Dial 3-1-1 or the Department of Transportation directly at (213) 485-4184 or (818)752-5100.
  • Abandoned Vehicles.  Vehicles parked more than 3 days without moving can be reported to the City by dialing 3-1-1 or the Department of Transportation Abandoned Vehicle hotline directly at (800) 222-6366.
  • Transportation Discounts for Seniors.  The City offers seniors discounts for various transportation options that include City registered taxis, City buses, a shared curb-to-cub van service (Cityride Dial-A-Ride), and a door-to-door program (Paratransit).  Get the contact information of the Paratransit services, or get more information on Taxi and Dial-A-Ride services.