Featured Data for Residents

Los Angeles Great Streets Initiative: First 15 Streets 

Locations of the first 15 streets in Mayor Garcetti's Great Streets Initiative, which seeks to transform Los Angeles streets to make them great community places focusing on neighborhood character, economic activity, safety, access, mobility, sustainability and community engagement.


LAPD Crime and Collision Data in 2015

Crimes and collisions recorded by the LA Police Department in the year 2015.  Go to the LAPD Crime and Collision Raw Data – 2015 [link to  https://data.lacity.org/A-Safe-City/LAPD-Crime-and-Collision-Raw-Data-fo...


Immigration Workshops Event Calendar 

Immigration Workshops around the City of Los Angeles


2014 Registered Foreclosure Properties

The 2014 Foreclosure Properties registered at HCIDLA between 1/1/2014 and 12/31/2014.


Affordable Housing Trust Funded Developments from 2003 to Present

Housing and Community Investment Department LA projects developed with money from affordable housing trust fund beginning in 2003 to the present