Elected Official Records

The City Clerk's Office and City Ethics Commission keep records and provide the services that promote public disclosure and transparency of Elected Official activities.  Learn more about their role in the City below and access their services from the links "Officeholder Fundraising and Spending" and "City Council Information" on the right.

City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk serves as the Clerk of the City Council and maintains a record of all Council proceedings; maintains the official City records and archives; administers all City elections; provides special presentations for the Council and the public, special administrative and personnel services to the Council and Mayor; and provides staff assistance to Council Committees. The City Clerk also provides a records management service for all City departments. All claims filed against the City must be received and recorded by the City Clerk.

City Ethics Commission

THis commission is responsible for administering and enforcing the City’s laws relating to ethics, campaign financing and lobbying. The programs administered include: a campaign finance audit and disclosure program, a public matching funds program for City candidates, a lobbyist registration and disclosure program, and an ethics and financial disclosure program for City officials.

The City Charter mandates that the Commission make legislative recommendations to the Council and authorizes it to investigate and enforce violations of the ethics, campaign finance and lobbying laws. The Commission conducts audits of City campaigns and maintains a 24-hour Whistleblower Hotline (800) 824-4825 to receive confidential complaints and reports of violations.